5 Reasons Why Dubai is Leading the Way in Industry Trends and News

Dubai is a city that is always and consistently evolving and growing, with new developments, events, and initiatives taking place all the time. Here are a few industry trends and news items related to Dubai that may be of interest to residents or visitors:

5 Reasons Why Dubai is Leading the Way in Industry Trends and News
Amazing Dubai Marina Skyline at Sunset, United Arab Emirates


Because Dubai is a popular tourist destination, the hospitality sector significantly contributes to the city’s overall economy. In recent years, the city has announced some initiatives to attract more visitors, including the Dubai Tourism Vision 2020, which intends to boost the number of yearly visitors to 20 million by 2020. Other initiatives have also been introduced in recent years. The city is also the site of some significant events and attractions, including the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Food Festival, both known for drawing tourists from all over the world.

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A People Riding Camels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Real estate:

The real estate industry in Dubai is well-known for its high demand as well as its tremendous expansion. The city is home to many illustrious developments, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah, and new projects are being launched almost continuously. In recent years, the government has implemented a number of measures to enhance the real estate market. One of these projects is the “Real Estate Self-Transaction” platform, which was developed by the Dubai Land Department and enabled citizens to buy and sell property online.


The city of Dubai is one that embraces new technology and innovative ideas, and the city has a variety of initiatives and projects geared at promoting the technological sector. For instance, the Dubai Future Accelerators initiative encourages collaboration on innovative technological endeavors between newly established businesses, established government institutions, and significant enterprises. The city is also the location of Dubai Internet City, a center for technological development and innovation, as well as the Dubai Smart City initiative, which seeks to improve city services and quality of life via the application of technology.

5 Reasons Why Dubai is Leading the Way in Industry Trends and News
Man in Black Suit Drinking Coffee


With a number of programs aimed at decreasing waste and encouraging renewable energy, Dubai is taking measures to become more sustainable and ecologically friendly. These steps include a number of initiatives. For example, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have begun various initiatives to encourage the utilization of solar energy. The Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence is actively striving to reduce the number of carbon emissions produced within the city. In addition, the city hosts various events and programs centered on the concept of sustainability, including the World Green Economy Summit and the Dubai Green Festival.


The Dubai Mall and not to forget the Mall of the Emirates are two of the most famous shopping centers in Dubai, home to several other famous shopping centers. The retail industry significantly contributes to the city’s economy, and announcements are consistently being made regarding new expansions and initiatives. For instance, the Dubai Retail Strategy has set a goal to raise the size of the city’s retail industry by fifty percent by 2021, and the Dubai Shopping Festival draws in millions of people every year.

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