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This is a very simple question with very complicated answer however to keep things simple and straight forward our price ranges between 3000$-15000$ per website depending on your requirements.

Although freelancers can be very effective, its very hard to find a freelancer that can do everything you need professionally while sticking to tight deadlines and maintaining effective communication through our the project, there is also the aspect of responsibility and liability when working with solo freelancers that don’t belong to a platform or business as this can lead to many legal and financial issues.

When we work with clients who have novel ideas we usually sign NDA’s (Non disclosure agreements) that guarantees that what you share with us is confidential and will never be disclosed to a third party without your written consent

Building a mobile app for your business can guarantee a uniform communication method with your clients and can lead to better conversions when offering products or services, you can easily reach out to your clients through notifications and custom messages with no delay and the open rate for these methods is usually pretty high.

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