Angry Birds: The App Startup Taking the World by Storm

By the time they were in their final year of college in 2009, Kim Dikert, Niklas Hed, and Jarno Vakevainen had tried and failed at a total of 51 different company concepts. When one of the company’s founders drew a bird that appeared to be fairly hostile, the rest of the team thought it would make an excellent character for a video game. Angry Birds was initially just a side project for the three individuals. Still, after they honed in on the iPhone audience and discovered a way to tap into the psyche of their customers, the game skyrocketed to the status of a worldwide phenomenon, amassing 4.5 billion downloads and giving rise to movies and merchandise.

Downloaded and played more than three billion times since it was first released in December 2009 and had almost enough copies to give one to each of the world’s two billion individuals. Rovio, the Finnish business that developed the game, was once another game startup when it first launched.

How is started

In 2003, Peter participated in a competition for the development of mobile games alongside two of his classmates at the University of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland. After achieving success in the competition, the group decided to launch their firm, which is now known as Rovio Entertainment. However, they did not begin to see any success until their 52nd game; Angry Birds, was published.

The game’s core concepts centred on a computer-animated flock of hostile birds that would run about and destroy everything in their path. The development team could not finish the game’s concept until it underwent many iterations of change before it could be uploaded to the App Store. A new page has been turned in the company’s history as a result of taking this action.

Marketing is key — But a little bit of luck helps.

When “Angry Birds” was finally made available on the App Store, its sales plummeted. It was not gaining ground in significant markets such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the lads managed to steal the show in their home country of Finland, and the game was successful.

The Rovio crew decided to switch their tactic since they were concerned that they would be faced with yet another defeat. They began their efforts by concentrating on the more niche markets first. The game received a boost in popularity in Sweden after a well-known local skier revealed in an interview that she plays the game as a way to unwind in her spare time. After that came a few other less significant countries.

Because of this, it gained a lot of attention. Despite this, it continued to struggle in the major financial markets. In the UK App Store, it had a rating that was somewhere around the 600 mark. And at that precise moment, a lucky break presented itself. The game highlighted as the “game of the week” was “Angry Birds.” This got the ball rolling, and a few months later, it reached the same place in the United States.

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